About me:

I am a surface-process-modeller and cosmogenic-nuclide-practitioner at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), honorary research fellow at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC), and member of SUERC-Cosmo.

Here you can find my CV and information about some pieces of code, mostly MATLAB/Octave, that might be useful to other researchers.


Research interests:

Geochronology, Cosmogenic Isotopes, Numerical Modeling, Earth Surface Processes, Glacial Geomorphology, Tectonic Geomorphology.

CV & publication lists:

Curriculum Vitae:
– Online: USCUGWordPress
– PDF: Extended (FECYT)Abbreviated CV

Publications: ORCID , Web of Science , Google Scholar, Scopus, Researchgate

Latest posts and code:

AI bookmarks in Firefox

JavaScript bookmarks to access artificial intelligence services with one click. Useful to summarize papers and webpages.

The NUNAIT calculator

The NUNAtak Ice Thinning (NUNAIT) calculator is an easy-to-use MATLAB/Octave tool that constrains parameters describing the geological history of a nunatak from a set of surface exposure ages.


NameLatLon2KML is a simple and fast tool to plot your list of names, latitudes and longitudes in Google Earth.

CoSOILcal v1.1

CoSOILcal is a cosmogenic soil production rate calculator for samples in a variable-density profile.