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[ŋ 'xel řo 'ðez]

I work as a Research Scientist at NEIF and SUERC-Cosmo, producing and interpreting Terrestrial Cosmonuclide (TCN) data essential for UK and international research projects.

My most relevant contribution to the research community is bringing geochemistry and numerical modeling closer to geomorphology, turning data that would normally go unnoticed into the central part of high-impact projects about Climate Change, River Dynamics, Tectonic Activity, or Agricultural Sustainability.

Personal Information
Surnames: Rodés BolumburuName: Ángel
Date of birth: 19/08/1979Email: angel.rodes at
Researcher ID: C-9228-2011ORCID: 0000-0001-8488-7689
Present Appointment
2020- PresentResearch Scientist (research fellow) at SUERC (UK)
Employment History
2001-2002Collaboration grant in the University of Zaragoza (Spain)
2003-2007Pre-doctoral fellow in the University of Barcelona (Spain)
2008-2009Associate Lecturer in the University of Barcelona (Spain)
2008-2011Post-doctoral fellow, Cosmonuclides Laboratory in Barcelona (Spain)
2011-2020Research associate at SUERC (UK)
Academic Qualifications
2002BSc (Hons.) in Geology (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
2004DEA (post-graduate diploma) in Earth Sciences (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
2008PhD in Earth Sciences
(Universitat de Barcelona, Spain & Université Paul Cézanne, Aix-Marseille III, France)
Esteem Indicators
2012Invited speaker at the School of Geography,
Earth & Environmental Sciences
, University of Plymouth.
2013Invited speaker at the ESF EARTHTIME-EU meeting,
CENIEH, Burgos, Spain.
2014Invited speaker at the Scottish Workshop for Cosmogenic Practitioners,
2015Invited speaker at the UoG-UNESP Geoscience Research Symposium,
University of Glasgow.
2017Invitation to tender on a scientific contract with a Spanish research institution.
The 93k€ bid was successful.
2012-2018CIAF Steering Committee secretary.
2019Invited to the organizing committee of the Cosmo2020-Scotland conference.
2019Invited speaker at The State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry
(SKLEG – Chinese Academy of Sciences), Guiyang, P.R.China.
2019Exceptional Contribution” performance outcome under the
Performance & Development Review. (£1k bonus, University of Glasgow)
2020Beatriz Galindo Call. Prioritization at the Universitat de Barcelona: best candidate in Earth Sciences.
2020-Pres.Member of the editorial board of Geosciences Journal (MDPI)
2020AQU-Catalunya accreditation as lecturer and researcher (Lector i Acreditació de Recerca/Agregat).
2021Convener. Novel applications and technique developments of cosmogenic nuclides (GM2.12). EGU General Assembly, 2021.
2021Topic editor of Geosciences special Issue “Cutting Edge Earth Sciences: Three Decades of Cosmogenic Nuclides
2021ANECA accreditations as lecturer and researcher (Profesor Ayudante Doctor, Profesor Contratado Doctor y Profesor de Universidad Privada.)
2008-2009Topography, Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing
(Degree in Geology, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
2008-2009External Geodynamics
(Degree in Geology, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
2008-2009External Geodynamics
(Degree in Geological Engineering, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
2011-2019CIAF student training program
(SUERC, University of Glasgow)
2019-2020MATLAB/Octave for Geoscientists
(SUERC, University of Glasgow)
Research & Related Administration
2009-2011Natural Hazards Research Group (RISKNAT)
University of Barcelona
2011-2019Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility (CIAF), SUERC
Natural Environment Research Council
2019-Pres.National Environmental Isotope Facility – Cosmogenic Nuclides (NEIF)
2019-Pres.Cosmogenic Nuclide Research Group (SUERC-Cosmo), SUERC
University of Glasgow
Research Projects & Contracts
2003-2005EPIC project: Paleoseismic Study using Cosmogenic Isotopes (Proyecto Nacional BTE2002-00324).
(PhD student, University of Barcelona, 91k€)
2003-2008Quantitative study of geomorphological surfaces by in-situ produced cosmonucleides:
Analysis of climatic, tectonic and seismic hazard processes in the Pyrenees.
(PhD student, University of Barcelona, 10k€)
2009-2010EVENT project: Integration of new technologies in palaeoseismology:
Characterization of faults that generate earthquakes and tsunamis in southern Iberia.
(Proyecto Nacional CGL2006-12861-C02-02)
(Researcher, University of Barcelona, 165k€)
2008-2011Geosciences in Iberia: Integrated studies of topography and 4D evolution – Topo-Iberia.
(Programa Consolider Ingenio 2006 CDD20006-0041)
(Technologist, University of Barcelona, 5.4M€)
2012-2019Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility
(Facility Scientist, NERC contract, £2.2M)
2012-2015The pattern, timing and dynamics of glaciation in the Cairngorm mountains. (CIAF/9115/0412)
(Co-I, Loughborough University & SUERC, £5k)
2012-2015Ice free enclaves in West Greenland during the last glacial cycle? (CIAF/9121/0412)
(Co-I, Durham University & SUERC, £12k)
2015-2018Temporal Variability in Sediment Flux of the Ganga River Using Detrital 10Be. (CIAF/9150/1014)
(Co-I, University of Edinburgh & SUERC, £26k)
2019-2020Commercial analysis of cosmogenic isotopes:
1 tender (Licitación 2018/2501SR03), 2 commercial and 2 collaborative projects.
(PI, SUERC, 150k€)
2019-2021Defining the Last Glacial Maximum of the Patagonian Ice Sheet
and its termination in its understudied northeast sector (43°S). (CIAF/9196/0419)
(Co-supervisor, University of Edinburgh & SUERC, £53k)
2019-2024National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF-Cosmo)
(Facility Scientist, NERC contract, £2.3M)
2020-2022Resolving the timing of the local Last Glacial Maximum and penultimate
glaciation in the understudied northeast of Patagonia (NEIF.2245.0320)
(Co-supervisor, University of Edinburgh & SUERC, £39k)
ORCIDWeb of Science ResearcherID
University of GlasgowGoogle Scholar
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