Sample storage

Cardboard boxes?

Small stackable plastic boxes!

Labelling tubes/beakers


Sticky labels!

Link to LaTeX template

Isolating quartz

Heavy liquids?

Froth flotation!

Link to how-to video
(check description for procedures)

Dissolving quartz


Shaker table!

Chromatography columns

Lab stands?

Make holes in a piece of plastic!

Make new for every batch?

Keep them in water and re-use!

Aluminium (27Al) in aliquots by ICP-OES

Only [Al]?

Measure [Al] & [Be] simultaneously!

ICP-OES data reduction in Matlab

Dissolving samples for 36Cl

Fizzy reaction?

Use chromatography columns as droppers!

Loosing your Cl carrier?

Actually, after some discussions with John Stone and others in 2021, the evaporation of Cl during dissolution of carbonates seems to be negligible and cannot be detected on the measured 35Cl-36Cl-37Cl ratios of duplicates spiked before and after dissolution.

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